An unfinished Prayer

| December 23, 2013

an unfinished prayer…………

I have walked your Earth, within the realm of time that you have bestowed me within the capacity of this vessel. a dream, awakening to a birth, manifestation of such accidental living, not bread by Love but cohabiting of the ones who carried me here. A dream, for the eyes open to the images that gather and sounds that sip inside the consciousness, one so empty of any reason to validate or understand the expectations of such being that it can only rely on instincts to survive,

I have chewed on your grass and inhaled your air, I have drank from your streams and have reached to what you forbid, for if there was no malice within the reason why else they be there but to hurl within me the urges of wanting, and a need so deep to trespass the edges of your reason and the morality of your scriptures, for if there was no malice in intentions why does evil come to be, or is it at the height of goodness that it crosses to the other side and one does no know where this seamless attributions start and where they differ, in jest or meaning. for if there was no malice in intension why the differences, the contrasts and colors, or is it that its the potency of these contrasts within the fertility of our consciousness that creates life, and nothing else, for it did not have to be anything at the beginning.

Flight of what fancy, the thought behind it, the urges, the need and the exact time when the urges softened the reason and a twinkle within your eyes( for this is how I can only imagine from where I stand), and how the mold was made and the laws you set within the confined of your intentions, and the second that it changed and became of you, the extension, the bloom, the life. and did you know the beginning, the end, was there any parameters set for accidents and free will, and if you knew where the journey begins and where it ends, then why

It could have been simpler, it could all be instinct, but then where would the fun be, the wonder, the thrill , the sweet unknowing, so there had be intellect and free will, for you knew where you started but didn’t want to know where the process would take you, you and the unfinished creature you molded in your image. That has been given, your image, your jest, your will, your intentions, your desires, your sins, your discretions, your allowance, all and all within this shell of flesh , and bones, your godly intension’s, godly discretions and this exile.