Call me Javad, my adventures at TC

| October 2, 2013

Its been a tad long since I walked the corridors of an academic

establishment. It has always been a dream, as unrealistic as it

could be, still life is sweeter when you desire what you need, and

delicious (I have been told that i overuse this adjective) when you

get what you want, Mr Jagger should be informed.

So dali da….here we go, Hello Mr Chips (I just remembered most my

references might be too dated for the students here. Well, they will

google it.) I once told a young one about MARX BROTHERS and

she asked and I quote as innocently as I can, “Are they a BOY BAND”?

I am exited, anxious, with all sorts of neuroses perculating in me.

Just found out yesterday that I have cracked two more teeth while

sleeping ( I grind my teeth at , lost my mouth Gaurd). I am becoming

hazardous to myself (crediting PINK for her confessional lyrics).

The other night I woke up wondering if I needed to read and write

a paper in my Personality class on one chapter or the entire book.

I made my way down stairs–me and my ego while my Id slept and

my super ego shook his head watching me from the top of the stairs.

Once I got to my TC, (god loves whoever came out with that) and

to my delight I found out that it was only one chapter.

I did get help from my daughter Kiana, a very savy lass with Word and most writing programs since my instructor was adamant about the number of pages and the margins and certain style for the paper. I did remind Kiana how helpful I had always been with her homework and now it was her chance to return the favor. She did set the paper and the margins and printed it for me .

I handed the paper on Wednesday. My first paper in my new Brilliant Carrier (a fine Australian movie with Judy Davis). i was shocked by the requirements in one of the courses I checked, THIRTEEN BOOKS…….needless to say I ran the other way. The major surprise of MBC (the movie with Miss Davis) so far was the Class I took on Tuesday morning. I wish I had recorded it.

The class is Spirituality in Psychology and of course we do not mention the instructor’s name for the sake of privacy. She walked in smiling ……the class was more than full with all the seats taken while more students were coming in. They brought more chairs and after everyone adjusted themselves in their seats, the instructor greeted and welcomed us in a sweet voice “What a beautiful group”we were off to a great start.

She then asked us to make small groups (each two students on one table to turn around and seat face to face with the two students behind them. There was a bit of commotion, then we all formed our groups and were instructed to first introduce ourselves and then tell each other of our spiritual experiences, and how we reach them. In the course of our discussion n my group, two of the students that were complete strangers to each other found out that their Grandmothers are sisters !! ( Say Hallelujah, Elmore Gentry anyone).

Afterward she asked us to get back to our original positions, close our eyes and meditate,seeking the people we love most and once we see them ask them one by one ; Do you love me ?!….There was a hush in the room and soon I heard my class mates quietly sobbing as tears ran down my face.Then she told us to seek our inner self and ask him; Do you love me?! I felt an overwhelming sense of bewilderment in me…..and then there was peace flowing through me.

Afterward i felt so much closer to all around me. The room was so quiet it was unreal …it seemed like she had taken our breath and held it as she stood there looking at us obviously moved by the experience herself. She was pleased once we told her how our group mates have found out that they are related …she sat leaning against the desk quietly, touched

like the rest of us. I had to say something…she could not get away without being blamed for the quiet upheaval she had brought to our souls as mystifying and Delicious (here we go again) as it was.

“It is your fault”, I said…”You come her , break all the barriers around us and we are transcended to a different realm where there is so much possibilities, and such intimacy of souls”… that is not exactly what I said,my suer ego just reminded me , and I assured him it is okay to take some artistic liberty for the sake of the article.

I seriously suggest to the academic principals at TC, to the mayor

of New York and even Mr Obama that the aforementioned instructor

should be considered a National Treasure and if possible her DNA

should be preserved for future academic and even National Health

endeavors, seriously.

After the class I did talk in length with my other classmates. They were also wide eyed and awe struck. Some of them had come to TC and chosen to concentrate on Spirituality so they can take this particular course with this particular Instructor.

–They say Earth is round so we

don’t know what is coming up next…….Life is sweet.

Namaste, leave long and prosper, and remember RUMI says;

“We are not bodies carrying a soul, we are souls carrying a body”