Finding MORE ☆

by Mohammad Ahmadi – Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 9:49 PM
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Here I am again, a lot has happened since since we talked last.  I am a bit older, a lot wiser (not really)and with severe pain in my legs, toes, thighs and hips. Though I have always been early to rise and have made exercise a daily routine, still I have not been immune to the trials and tribulations of commuting between my house in Shelton Connecticut and Teacher’s college.

I braved the first week commuting with my car. However after paying over two hundred dollars in Parking tickets, and running in the hallways to feed the parking meter, I decided to join the rest of humanity and take the train.

An adventure I had enjoyed in my youth and regretted after getting stuck in tunnels with no air condition for hours at a time during summer .  To showcase my day commuting to TC…..I am posting my response to a friend that recently asked me ….”How is school and are you enjoying your commute” ?

“School is fabulous, Today I woke up at Four in the morning. Made it to the gym by Five (I had to finish and print my paper)got out of the gym by 6:30 walked to the train station. Got to New York by 7:48….. Walked from 125th and Park to the School at 120th and Amsterdam. Got there by 8:30 …. Had a a tea and Headed to the class . Got out of class by 10:40 had my apple And almonds snack…. Went to the study hall …. Wrote my paperFor my Behavior and Personality class. Read my book ; The principals  of Flow. Walked back to the Train station at 3:30 And got the 4:12 train to Southport . Walked back to the Gym, picked up my car and went home. And I loved,  adored  and cherished every minute of it. I hope this answers your question.”

The most rewarding part of my classes at TC are the quality and creativityI have seen in my instructors. They are each different in their styles however what they have in common is the joy you see in them teaching. It is remarkable and unique. I have studied at Seton Hall University, University Of Connecticut, Hosetonic College, Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University…and have never seen such dedication and joy in my instructors.

It is magical here….there is something in the air….specially at psychology department , There are at least two instructors that I am sure have connections to the realms beyond….I can not mention any names but you could notice them by the smile that you see on their faces and the joy in their eyes…and if you stand back and study them at work you notice that both of them float in the air…Their feet does not touch the ground … you might have to be very observant to notice that. They also are most welcoming and if you pay them any compliments they both use the same language… brushing it off by accusing you of being generous. They recruit deserving souls and teach them synchronicity and flow, the mysticism and spirituality in Jungian discipline, and transfer to them their vision of The collected conscious that is

love and of love, gratitude, empathy and Truth so sweet in its nature so soothing and kind that bedazzles you and takes your breath away. I strongly recommend for those of you who are interested in MORE…yes More…seek me out and follow me to these classes……all my classes I am delighted to report and one in particular…….as Lou Reed says……Take a walk on the wild side…. come and feel the joy of Spirituality. You will thank me for it.

And I warn you, you will be rewarded deliciously. …….you might even experience sensations you have never felt before…..We get goose bumps a lot and we cry easy…..There’s sense of belonging much more intimate that you have ever experienced…..We are explorers and always seek more….We also have special guests walking the Psychology departments Corridors …..

some you might recognize,  sweet souls … might hear faint music of Ravi Shankar….There has even been rumors of sightings …seriously..

John Lennon in particular……. After all ……All we need is love.

Namaste, live long and prosper,

P.S. If you had a chance Look up Robert Bly’s Book ; Soul is here for its own Joy…………. and get to know my homey, my pal and bro  Mr RUMI