Vacuous Darkness

| February 26, 2016

I guess theres more realization of living when one has to wait. When the house is silent, nothing but the cold dark of winter outside the window and yet your quiet is interrupted by a dripping faucet in the kitchen sink…… can count slowly up to twenty between the intervals
giving each number it due. and there, another one

we found the numbers to give us distinctions, measures, yet there is more social contract in our understanding of time than natural measures. Natural measures are never constant, that’s against the nature of them, the organic happening of their existent . The Sun rises a bit slower, or faster depending on the seasons every day and the sun sets the same. its the unpredictability of movement and again the natural state of how everything moves. Yet we can not abide by that since we can not realize the motions and their laws without measures.

Even when there is no quantity to be measured since its beyond measure we try to give it realization by measuring it by its occurrence . ER, or EST…and there we are, we can feel better about controlling our realizations . That is the word. Control…..Nature does not allow us any control, it wheels, changes and grows within its own design and the patterns that are created within the repetition of the chaos. and theres such a quiet magnificent to nature and all it does within its crevices, arteries and surfaces that we can not fathom ….yet we try.

We have to find the way to understand, realize and teach about dreams, and that is as complex a task as trying to teach darkness and silence, stillness and all the chaos and harmony it can ensue by their singular lack of any persistent definition of all they can facilitate. I guess the best definition for them is that their core is a vacuous state. thats their allowance, the endlessness of the possibilities. the possibilities that are held and belong to the one that occupies the darkness, the silence or the stillness and that is how they can become the most efficient facilitators of every possibilities that the occupier can bring in ……..Darkness does not define and limit anything within it by lacking the ability of distinction. Silence does the same yet since our visual sensors are our strongest sensory receptors and we perceive our world with what we see, Darkness is the most vacuous state.

He is curious why I have such affinity for Darkness, is it because of my failing eyes. It could be though the more I think the less I agree. Eyes are the tools and I am still quite capable of seeing , reading and driving. I actually think I have seen a lot more than I was supposed to although that sentence is not logical, yet seeing does not matter if there is no realization or understanding and I think I have seen enough of this world to be able to perceive it even without my eyes. The lens in the camera is a tool that facilitate a window, a porthole, the actuality of what becomes the picture and what is the picture relies on completely different phenomenology and characteristics.

I think I see Darkness as a base, an equalizer maybe or a fertile ground by its lack of any distinction for realizations of what is inside and away from distinctions of forms and designs or colors… allows us a complete new territory to discover, a different universe. Theres also a sense of liberation…..away from what has been learned and realized by distinction. I do not think about it as a constant state but rather more of a porthole, where you go for discoveries, where you do not have to close your eyes to focus more or to concentrate, there should be a certain freedom in not knowing or realizing the physicality of the objects and how they limit us with their defined beings.